Destination Nafplio

Nafplio is probably the most charming city of the Peloponnese and one of the favorite destinations for all spontaneous and non-excursions from Athens and the Peloponnese to all seasons.
In antiquity Nafplio was known as Nafplia. It was built by Nafplion, the son of Poseidon, who was the patron saint of Nafplion. Founder of Nafplio (nautical city) is alleged the mythical hero homonymous, father of Palamidis. During the Mycenaean era, the city was a powerful naval state with a wall on the rock of Akronafplia.
In the beautiful old town of Nafplio, with its preserved architectural figure and the two Venetian castles that crown it, Akronafplia and Palamidi, the aura of the first capital of the Greek state is diffused. Admire the city from above by climbing the -999 on the 857 other-steps leading to the imposing Palamidi that stands on a huge gray rock and overlooks the sea.

The core of the old town stretches back from the shores of Bouboulina and Miaoulis, full of cafe-bars and taverns with a magnificent view over Bourtzi, the small town with its homonymous Venetian fortress. The central pedestrian street of King Constantine will become a reference point for every tour of the old city as it passes through almost all of it and ends up in the paved Syntagma Square, the meeting point reminiscent of the Italian piazza. The alleys around the square are offered to be … lost: they are full of Turkish fountains and hammam  the relics of Turkish sovereignty  and historic churches.
During his stay, however, the visitor has the opportunity to enjoy unique tastes of a delicious cuisine, choosing among many restaurants and taverns. Good food in Nafplio is a given and will complete your pleasant escape.