About us :

Fotonio Events & More is a new venue in the city of Nafplio with unique architectural design that allows hosting of conferences, music events, corporate meetings, exhibitions, etc. The wider region enjoys the privilege of offering a lot of interesting events in a conference, enriching the delegates' stay in the city.
The 600m2 of the building can accommodate 200 people in theatrical style, 150 people in school style and 50 people meeting style. The whole installation works with state of the art audiovisual systems with expandability for configuration of the equipment according to different needs. The rooms are designed with minimal decoration and rich lighting, with excellent quality for the needs of a complete organization.

Our services Fotonio Events & More

Fotonio Events & More is a multifunctional space that is in place and has the unique ability to offer multiple services through the people who support this project, which means sure success and high quality services in all areas of activity.
Our services include Events, Meetings, all types of Conferences and Seminars, as well as Musical and Performing Performances.


Fotonio Events & More is the most sophisticated with European Specification Complex that a business or an organization...


The organization and implementation of an Event can be supported by the unique space offered by Fotonio Events & More...


The two smaller specially designed meeting rooms of Fotonio Events & More equipped with state of the art technology...


The Artistic character and music can not be missed by Fotonio Events & More's activities. Both the interior space and...